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Apex Apts 2B2B (1293 sqft 4th floor), facing Mt. Rainier, Approx $950

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Apex Apts 2B2B (1293 sqft 4th floor), facing Mt. Rainier, Approx $950 
Name: Herish Patel

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Location: TACOMA, WA - (This roommate listing was posted on SeattleIndian.com)
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Phone: (551) 225-9619
Category: Rental & Roommates
Last Updated: 6/23/2020
Ad Details: - Looking for a long-term roommate and hopefully life-term friend for a new 2B2B apt in Tacoma that I have just moved into named Apex apartments. I am looking for a working professional with good credit-standing and expecting them to co-sign the lease that I have recently signed for 12 months.
- Apt is on the 4th floor (Apt number 431) facing I-5 and Mt.Rainier with the biggest sq ft layout they offer (1293 sqft- Mt. rainier layout). Please review (https://www.apexapartments.com/) to review floor plan and all the amenities they offer.

- Following is the cost breakdown. ( I can also share lease that I have signed which is 40 page long which you can totally read before sleep)
1) Base rent (will split): $1640/ month
2) Application fee (individual): $45 one-time
3) Admin fee (will split): $200 one-time (I have already paid)
4) Amenities fee (will split): $35/ month (This is acting as amenity rental cost; they told me that we can rent common spaces i.e. club room, theatre, BBQ etc without any cost)
5) Securities deposit (will split): I have already paid one month of rent as SD so we can split once you are on board
6) Utilities (S/W/G)(will split): approx $120-$140/ month (varies every month depending upon usage)
7) Utilities (electricity)(will split): on our own (I have just created account with TPU and they have $50 one-time initiation fee which we will split and also monthly bills will get split)
8) Parking (individual): they have $60/ month reserved garage parking
9) Internet (will split): I have an Xfinity account and I am thinking of transferring it. We can discuss plans and can split the cost
10) TV: I have a newly purchased LG 42 inch smartTV that I am happy to share with you. Need to share the cost for streaming plans if we are planning to buy.
11) I donít have a lot of furniture so I am hoping we can buy new or used one that suits apt (TV stand, Sofaset, Dining table, toaster etc; I am definitely not a loose handed money spender but I also have a job so I am fine buying stuff that makes my home look good) ( ofcourse we will get each others view and approval before buying anything)

Little bit about me:
- I am from India and came to States to pursue my Masters in Construction Management in 2015. Graduated in 2017 and working in construction company in Olympia since than.
- I have created this Google form that I am hoping you can fill up if you are interested. It's not spam so rest assure. (https://forms.gle/WaN1Xkn7Y6ZdinZd6)
- I like to think that I am an extrovert, calm minded, talkative, compassionate and a good listener.
- Vegetarian but totally fine with all sort of meat around (no live animals hopefully) as long as kitchen is getting cleaned everyday.
- I love to do parties but I also don't like mess (collage party days are over sadly). Always have a habit of cleaning after myself.

Please do reachout if you are interested. Really interested parties who can co-relate with me only.


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