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Desi Apartments Listings in Surrey

Get a complete list of Apartments near Desi Indian Community in Surrey. Find apartments near Indian Community, Good Schools, Grocery stores and Restuarants.

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Listings of Apartments
K & G Clear Holding Ltd
5586 123 St
Surrey, British Columbia V3X 3H8
Phone : 604-612-0481
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0749939 B C Ltd
5845 138 St
Surrey, British Columbia V3X 3P3
Phone : 604-592-5089
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Affordable Housing Management
6543 King George Blvd
Surrey, British Columbia V3W 4Z4
Phone : 604-596-1099
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Balmoral Court-Tower
404-9838 Whalley Blvd
Surrey, British Columbia V3T 5S8
Phone : 604-951-0031
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Benberg Apartments The
100-17788 57 Ave
Surrey, British Columbia V3S 1H3
Phone : 604-574-2078
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Bon Terra Apartments
112-10736 150 St
Surrey, British Columbia V3R 4C5
Phone : 604-581-2915
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Brooklyn The
10030 137A St
Surrey, British Columbia V3T 5L4
Phone : 778-395-2113
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Brookmere Gardens Inc
90-14880 108 Ave
Surrey, British Columbia V3R 1W1
Phone : 604-582-1557
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Burnside Apartments
13784 101 Ave
Surrey, British Columbia V3T 1L4
Phone : 604-589-5505
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Cloverdale Apartments
100-5772 177B St
Surrey, British Columbia V3S 4J5
Phone : 604-576-8230
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Evergreen Apartments
10525 150 St
Surrey, British Columbia V3R 4B5
Phone : 604-582-0465
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Fraserview Court Apartments
10139 137A St
Surrey, British Columbia V3T 4J5
Phone : 604-588-8121
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Fraserview Court Apartments
10138 Whalley Blvd
Surrey, British Columbia V3T 4G2
Phone : 604-588-4664
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G3 Residences Ltd
10439 154 St
Surrey, British Columbia V3R 4J8
Phone : 604-588-8238
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Green Timber Apartments
109-9825 140 St
Surrey, British Columbia V3T 5M1
Phone : 604-583-3772
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Maple Place Apartments
174-10675 150 St
Surrey, British Columbia V3R 4C1
Phone : 604-585-1966
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Mayflower Co-operative Housing
103-13435 104 Ave
Surrey, British Columbia V3T 5K6
Phone : 604-583-2122
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Regency Manor
100-13270 105A Ave
Surrey, British Columbia V3T 2A4
Phone : 604-585-4455
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Regency Park
10520 132 St
Surrey, British Columbia V3T 3V6
Phone : 604-585-0063
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Regent Place
14955 107A Ave
Surrey, British Columbia V3R 1V3
Phone : 604-581-5208
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Shannon Gardens
100-10228 148 St
Surrey, British Columbia V3R 3X1
Phone : 604-583-7973
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Skyline Apartments
13938 102 Ave
Surrey, British Columbia V3T 1P3
Phone : 604-582-7970
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Somerset House
10-9977 138 St
Surrey, British Columbia V3T 5E4
Phone : 604-580-0520
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Sun Creek Estates
7121 133B St
Surrey, British Columbia V3W 8A3
Phone : 604-596-0916
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Wedgewood Estates
13880 74 Ave
Surrey, British Columbia V3W 7E6
Phone : 604-594-7727
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